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This STAINLESS STEEL bucket can be personalized to your kennel's desires, your dog, or as a beautiful decor item in your home or kennel! 

* Adding a name or kennel name is included, but not required. 
* FDA compliant epoxy

**Care information**
By purchasing one of these amazing decor pieces, I'm sure you want to keep it looking like new, right? It's not too much but I wanted to make sure you have everything you need to take care of each piece.  As long as you follow the steps, you will keep them looking like new for a long time.  
Yes, these can be used for your dogs, but please note there are a few things to keep in mind if using them for anything other than decor.  The resin we use is FDA compliant, which means you can place food directly on the resin itself, and it is UV and water resistant.  
Hand wash ONLY. 
Do Not Soak.
Epoxy resin is water resistant, NOT waterproof.
A soft towel or sponge with soapy water is enough to keep them clean and safe for long term use.  
NOT dishwasher safe. (see above)
Use microfiber to shine.  Microfiber towels are soft enough to keep your resin shiny without scratching the surface.
AVOID extreme heat and extreme cold.  Prolonged exposure can cause item(s) to discolor and soften.  Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause resin to soften, lose it's shape, or bend.  If used outdoors, keep under covered space like a tent or canopy. 
Do NOT use abrasive cleaners.  Clean using dish liquid or hand soap with warm water.  Abrasive or harsh cleaners will scratch the surface and dull the item over time. 
Durable and shatter resistant, but NOT shatter proof.  Handle with care.  Resin is a very durable material but if dropped enough, it will break.  

Terms and Conditions
Orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours after order is placed for full refund (including custom non-generic orders).
No refunds on custom non-generic buckets
Production time 2-5 weeks.